High performance for all

                                        We’re a world leader in high-performance and increasingly sustainable thermoplastics used in automotive, electrical & electronics, building & construction, medical, food packaging and consumer goods (to name but a few). Our materials enable lighter, stronger and more durable products - which in turn makes people’s lives safer, more convenient and healthier – and all while helping to tackle carbon emissions.


                                        Mobility and connectivity

                                        Perhaps the greatest trend driving our markets is the move towards mobility and connectivity - on the road, in the home and office, and on the street.?We’re seeing new standards in design and usability coupled with our planet’s pressing need to cut energy use and avoid waste through circular design thinking.

                                        Take ‘thinovation’ - the trend for creating smaller, lighter, greener and safer working parts in electronic devices. Today, our plastics create components like the tiny connectors that give mobile phones their incredible functionality. Now, as we learn more about how to integrate electronics into plastic materials, these same solutions could be used in cars. Speaking of which…

                                        On the road to lower emissions

                                        Today, our plastics can be found in most of the world’s cars. The reason? These tough yet lightweight materials are meeting the extreme needs of auto manufacturers - for example by reducing engine friction and performing in red-hot temperatures, long-term. Our plastics also meet the increasingly extreme needs of the planet.?In the case of reducing engine friction, for example, around?around 1 gram of CO2 emissions are saved for every km driven.

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                                        In close partnership with our customers, we develop innovative high-performance engineering plastic solutions for a smarter world.

                                        Supporting sustainable development

                                        At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At DSM Engineering Plastics we’re especially focused on:

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                                        • On the road to zero emissions

                                          A new generation of connected, autonomous cars based on ingenious technology will not only transform the driving experience, it will drastically reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

                                        • Unique approach

                                          At DSM we have developed a unique science & innovation environment that supports our purpose of creating brighter lives for all.

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