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                                        Whistleblower policy & procedure

                                        In 2005 DSM was one of the first companies listed on the Euronext AEX index to introduce a global whistleblower policy, which offers protection to employees who report abuses within the company.

                                        The whistleblower policy meets the requirements of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in the Netherlands and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States. Under the policy, employees can report any situation that involves a (suspicion of a) violation by DSM or one of its employees of:

                                        • an existing law or regulation
                                        • the DSM Code of Business Conduct
                                        • any of the DSM Corporate Policies, Requirements and Directives

                                        People who are not DSM employees but wish to raise a concern regarding a (suspicion of a) violation by DSM or its employees of any laws or regulations or the DSM Code of Business Conduct can do so by contacting DSM's Corporate Alert Officer.

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