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                                        What we do

                                        We want to make a positive difference. Health, Nutrition and Materials represent the three fields in which we use technology and products to provide solutions to brighten the lives of people today and generations to come.
                                        Health Solutions


                                        Our health solutions cover everything from advanced biomedical devices that help people live active lives for longer to health-enhancing nutritional ingredients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

                                        Nutrition Solutions


                                        Our human and animal nutrition solutions include vitamins and carotenoids, taste enhancers and other food processing ingredients, unique animal feed additives and hair and skin care ingredients. 

                                        Materials Solutions


                                        Our materials solutions include increasingly green thermoplastics and resins for use in everything from vehicles and paints to packaging and fiber optic coatings, as well as Dyneema?, the world’s strongest fiber?.

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