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                                        Contact Us

                                        DSM's Head Office is at Het Overloon 1, 6411 TE Heerlen, the Netherlands.  
                                        DSM's Head Office, Heerlen, the Netherlands

                                        Please use the various links below to get in touch with the appropriate department, business or local contact:

                                        Find contact details for DSM's worldwide offices and sites

                                        DSM's Global Locations

                                        The Location Finder contains the contact details (address, phone etc.) for all DSM's offices and sites.

                                        Complete this form to send us your questions about our company, products and solutions

                                        General Enquiries

                                        Please contact us with your enquiries about DSM, our products and services.

                                        Complete this form to offer DSM your products and services

                                        Supplying DSM

                                        Please contact DSM's Purchasing specialists to offer DSM your products and services.

                                        View all DSM's current vacancies, how to apply and sign-up to receive notification as soon as vacancies are posted

                                        Working at DSM

                                        Please view all our vacancies and contact DSM Recruitment.

                                        Learn more about DSM & Sponsorship


                                        All applicants seeking sponsorship should visit for full details of the areas of interest (to DSM), the application criteria and to apply online.

                                        Contact DSM's Media Relations team


                                        Our Media Relations team handles enquiries by authorized media representatives.

                                        Contact DSM's Investor Relations team

                                        Investor Relations

                                        Our Investor Relations team provides key facts and figures, as well as shareholder information, to current and potential shareholders of DSM and to analysts.

                                        Contact DSM's Sustainability team

                                        Sustainability at DSM

                                        Our Corporate Sustainability team provides detailed information on all aspects of Sustainability at DSM.

                                        Contact DSM's Bright Science team


                                        Connect with our scientists and Science Communications team.

                                        Email our businesses

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