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                                        Share Buy-Back Program 2019

                                        €1 billion share buy-back and regular repurchase to cover share plans and stock dividend 

                                        With effect from 1 April 2019 DSM is repurchasing ordinary shares with an aggregate market value of €1 billion with the intention of reducing its issued capital, as first announced with the publication of the 2018 Annual Results on 14 February.

                                        In addition, on 14 March DSM announced the intended repurchase of a further 2,600,000 ordinary shares to cover commitments under share-based compensation plans and stock dividend.

                                        In accordance with regulations DSM will inform the market about the progress made in the execution of this program through weekly press releases.

                                        See also the ‘Daily transaction details Share Repurchase Program announced 14 March 2019’ below, which is updated weekly during the course of the buy-back program.

                                        Statement pursuant to art. 5:25a of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act
                                        DSM also announces that The Netherlands is its "Home Member State", as required by article 5:25a (2) of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act. This article obliges all listed companies to publicly announce which country is their "home member state" (as referred to in article 5:25a(1) sub c of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act) for purposes of regulation of their disclosure obligations under the EU Transparency Directive. Pursuant to section 5:25a of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act Royal DSM has notified the Autoriteit Financi?le Markten (AFM).

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