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                                        Animal Nutrition & Health

                                        Better feed, better food

                                        From chicken and fish to swine, cows and pets (companion animals), DSM is unique in animal nutrition. We provide the highest quality ingredients and additives for animal feed that produce healthier animals for better meat and eggs.

                                        Growing populations, increased meat consumption in high-growth economies, the need for higher quality ingredients and healthy eating…these are just some of the factors shaping animal nutrition. It’s all about high-quality feed that helps farmers and agriculture, and ultimately the end consumer.

                                        As the only ‘backwards-integrated’ animal nutrition company in the world, we’re uniquely placed to tackle these challenges and to take on new ones. DSM keeps its entire production and mixing of animal feed additives under a single roof. That means we not only assure quality of ingredients in terms of reliability, safety and traceability; but also meet the need for sustainable animal production.



                                        Increasingly, chicken meets the world’s growing demand for white meat and the need for healthy and affordable food to feed a growing population. With our expertise in feed additives we contribute to growth, performance, health and welfare of the animals and provide opportunities for feed cost savings and more sustainable animal production.


                                        Ruminants (cows, beef, sheep and goats)

                                        Dairy and beef cattle as well as sheep and goats are important segments of animal farming. Our portfolio of nutritional feed additives promotes optimum lifetime performance, feed efficiency, animal health and welfare in these animals. In fact, our vitamin supplementation guidelines for ruminants are used by nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide. Our ability to provide micronutrients not only helps sustainable animal production but also helps preserve the environment under intensive farm management.



                                        Pigs are fast growers, and they benefit the food chain in many ways. However, the requirements for management and feeding practice have been driven by changes to economics as well as environmental challenges. We bring value to the pork chain through the supply of high-quality products benefiting customers, consumers and the environment.



                                        With the increasing demand on our oceans for fish and seafood, aquaculture is filling the gap. The focus on healthier eating and the increased consumption of fish has led to a fast growing global aquaculture segment. DSM's feed ingredients help the industry produce consistent, high-quality, nutritious fish all year round.


                                        Pets (companion animals)

                                        Today’s pet food industry is an interesting challenge. A huge array of opportunities lie before us as a result of changing consumer trends, new production technologies, nutritional research and increasing globalization. We contribute to the health and wellness of pets by providing them with a broad range of functional ingredients that support a long and healthy life.

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