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                                        Solutions for the future of automotive

                                        DSM is a leading supplier of advanced, sustainable materials for the automotive industry. Our innovative high performance plastics are developed to meet a wide variety of technological challenges in automotive. Our metal and plastics coating resins offer durable, economical, attractive and eco-friendly coatings, while our Additive Manufacturing resins produce 3D printed parts. We are also moving quickly into hybrid thermoset composites such as Dyneema® Carbon.
                                        High Performance Plastics

                                        High Performance Plastics

                                        DSM works with the automotive industry to move beyond metal and create lighter, more advanced vehicles with drastically smaller carbon footprints.

                                        The era of the internal combustion engine as a single power source is ending, indicating a transformation to cleaner vehicles. To get there we need engineering plastics that are capable of meeting extreme challenges. DSM's portfolio of tough yet lightweight plastics are driving manufacturers to produce automotive components that are extremely light, reduce engine friction, and can operate in extreme environments – particularly at very high temperatures. All of these characteristics lead to reducing emissions, as well as system costs.

                                        Our innovative high-performance plastics are used in a wide variety of automotive applications covering everything from braking systems, the body and chassis, drivetrains, electronics, engines, interiors, exteriors and steering and suspension systems.

                                        Automotive Coatings

                                        Metal & plastics coating resins

                                        The automotive industry is increasingly switching to coatings based on our innovative waterborne, powder and UV curable coating resins to meet consumer demand for durable, economical, attractive and eco-friendly coatings.

                                        We’ve learnt to address real needs - like the reduced use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to reduce harmful emissions, or lower curing temperatures to reduce costs and carbon footprint. Our expertise in Materials Science can help in the transfer from solvent-based to sustainable water-based, powder or 100% UV curing coatings and we work continuously with the leading automotive industry coating suppliers to create new breakthroughs in coating technology.

                                        3D printed parts

                                        3D printed parts

                                        Additive Manufacturing (AM) is quickly evolving from a rapid prototyping technology on the fringes of manufacturing into a mainstream discipline, offering tangible value and economically viable benefits to large industrial companies and eventually through to end-users.

                                        Mass customization and small volume production using AM are now a reality, and as the sector evolves and matures to reflect new, disruptive business models and shifting customer behaviours, so do we. Building on our Somos? stereolithography (SLA) resins heritage, the recently formed DSM Additive Manufacturing business will also offer Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), as well as the experience gleaned from years of research in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Multi Jet Fusion, Ink Jet and Binder Jet processes.

                                        Hybrid Composites

                                        Hybrid Composites

                                        The popularity of carbon fiber in the automotive applications is widespread due to its strength, stiffness, lightweight and simplicity to mold. Unfortunately, it’s not so good at handling impacts where it can splinter when it breaks, potentially causing injuries. DSM recently combined our Dyneema fiber with carbon fiber, mixed with a thermoset resin, to produce Dyneema Carbon. This hybrid composite offers a significant improvement over the performance of pure carbon composites in terms of impact resistance, ductility, vibrational dampening and weight.

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