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                                        Building & Construction

                                        From road marking to heavy lifting

                                        Our resins, plastics and Dyneema® fiber are used in everything from anti-graffiti coatings for buildings to floor coatings, from industrial lifting and pulling gear to parts and coatings for large constuction plant and machinery.
                                        Floor coatings

                                        Efficient, sustainable coatings solutions

                                        Coatings do their work almost invisibly and unnoticed and we take pride in the fact that our sustainable resins are the engines to this. Today our coating resins can be found in everything from high-end decorative paints to coatings for the very toughest of environments.

                                        We want our built environment to look good for longer and with such a wide range of surfaces to be coated including wood, composite, metal, concrete or plastic, DSM’s resins give the coating formulator the widest scope for creating coatings that meet the demands of our modern lifestyles. We work with our customers to help them shift away from traditional solvent-based to more environmentally-friendly and efficient waterborne, powder, UV curing and plant-based coatings that meet and exceed today’s needs in terms of performance and regulation.

                                        Window Profiles

                                        Replacing conventional materials

                                        Building and construction are often resource-heavy activities. Today, engineering plastics can replace conventional materials in a wide variety of applications - improving performance while reducing environmental impact. Our portfolio of high performance plastics cover a broad range of applications including window insulating profiles, roofing membranes and drinking water applications such as pipe fittings and faucet mixing valves.

                                        Commercial lifting and pulling

                                        Traditionally, steel was the only fiber sturdy enough for industrial lifting and pulling – until Dyneema?, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material. This lightweight fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, yet weighs far less. This brings much-improved efficiency to the building environment. Just as importantly, pulleys and lines made with Dyneema are far healthier and safer for people to work with.

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