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                                        Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

                                        Better for people and planet

                                        DSM is a leading provider of micronutrients (vitamin, lipid, carotenoid and nutraceutical) ingredient solutions and processing aids to the food, beverages, and dietary supplements industries which contribute to healthier, more sustainable food and nutrition for all.

                                        Creating taste, texture, color, nutritional, health and processing benefits, our ingredients and solutions are widely used to create a broad range of food products, from grocery favorites like yogurt, cheese and soups to specialized food formats like gluten-free bread or beer, meat substitutes, lactose free as well as fortified milk, sugar reduced beverages and dietary supplements.

                                        DSM is committed to supporting manufacturers around the world to offer choices that keep people and the planet healthy. See this commitment at work within our two specialized businesses:

                                        Human Nutrition & Health

                                        Human Nutrition & Health provides vitamins, nutritional lipids, carotenoids, nutraceuticals and other nutritional solutions for use in fortified food, beverage and dietary supplement products. Our extensive portfolio and expertise also supports our most precious and vulnerable populations, with additional segment focus in early life nutrition, medical nutrition and nutrition improvement.

                                        Food Specialties

                                        DSM Food Specialties provides specialty enzymes, cultures, probiotics, bio-preservation, sugar reduction and savory taste solutions to the food and beverage industry. Our ingredients and solutions enable our customers to make healthier and more sustainable consumer products. We are passionately driven to partner with our customers to create food choices that people around the world can truly enjoy, whatever the local preference. We believe that better processed food should be affordable and accessible to more people, today and in the future. Our specialty ingredients enable better food for everyone, and by better, we mean better tasting, more affordable, more nutritious, more variety, produced efficiently with less resources & waste, with a longer shelf life and produced with less chemicals.

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