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                                        Exploring unchartered scientific waters

                                        DSM’s Dyneema® The World’s Strongest Fiber? has numerous applications in the maritime, commercial fishing, offshore and renewable energy industries, while our coating resins help protect everything from ships and shipping containers to bridges and wind turbines against the marine environment.
                                        Dyneema® at sea

                                        Dyneema? at sea

                                        Dyneema is DSM’s brand for UHMwPE fiber. It’s the strongest, most durable lightweight fiber in the world - 15 times stronger than steel and so light it floats on water, making it ideal for use in a range of marine applications including ropes, lines, slings, nets and synthetic link chains.

                                        Mooring and tow ropes with Dyneema are lighter, stronger, easier to handle than alternatives and more durable, so they speed up and improve the safety of maritime operations and last longer. Trawl ropes and nets & aquaculture nets made with Dyneema enable more sustainable fishing techniques that optimize catch and production and reduce costs. Ropes and slings made with Dyneema are helping offshore operators go deeper and further; stronger, lighter, thinner and safer than like-for-like steel wire ropes, they make it possible to open up new fields while reducing operational risks and costs. They also enable windfarm operators to lift and anchor offshore turbines in place.

                                        Environmentally-friendly marine coatings

                                        Environmentally-friendly marine coatings

                                        Heavy use, extreme weather and salt water naturally mean protective coatings must stand up to some of the harshest conditions. DSM works with customers across the protective and marine industry to develop metal coating resins for primers and top coats that do just that. Increasingly our unique expertise in materials science, marine applications and sustainable coatings is enabling our customers to move confidently from solvent- to more environmentally-friendly waterbased systems.

                                        Some 90% of goods transported around the world are carried by ships, much of it in the 20 million shipping containers currently travelling the world, 95% of which are Chinese built. In the last year prior to a phased introduction of waterborne-only coatings, around 2.5 million containers were built, generating some 130,000 tons of VOC emissions - at the time one of the major sources in China.

                                        DSM has been working as part of the Waterborne China Platform since 2009 to act as a catalyst between the Chinese government and all companies involved in the coating industry to promote a reduction in VOC emissions and serve as a source of information for those wishing to switch to waterborne paint. As a result, combined with the increased attention being paid to environmental protection by the Chinese government in recent years, the Chinese shipping container industry switched to waterborne coatings countrywide in April 2017.

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