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                                        Paint & Coatings

                                        Shaping a Sustainable Coatings Future. Together.

                                        Did you know that many of the ingredients for high-end decorative paints come from DSM? Or that our resins are the key component in paints for the very toughest of environments like oil rigs? And did you know that we’re creating successive generations of waterborne, powder and UV coating resins? Well, we are…

                                        In the mainstream, painting has often been associated with beauty and aesthetics. But for our many customers and end users, it’s about protection; and that’s when we consider paint a coating. Because coatings protect, especially in demanding environments. In coating resins at DSM it is all about sustainability and finding smart ways to make a contribution as ‘cleanly’ as possible.

                                        Decorative paints are just half the story. Our products are used in paints applied to metal, plastic, concrete and wood - in vehicles and rolling stock, cans and coils, furniture and boats. In fact, our resins for special purpose paints even help protect the world’s oil rigs from the rigors of nature.

                                        Saying goodbye to solvents

                                        No matter what the application, our biggest collective challenge in the paint market is clear: The need for cleaner, solvent-free paints.

                                        High-performance waterborne products

                                        Our response has been a string of innovations such as NeoPac?, an ultra high-performance waterborne product for topcoats & stains that offers high gloss, outdoor durability, hardness, flexibility and water resistance.

                                        There’s also NeoCryl?, a family of waterborne acrylic resins that enable paint manufacturers to cut their overall volatile organic compound emissions by up to 50%. This technology delivers the same quality, performance and appearance as traditional solvent-based paints. And then there’s Uralac? polyester powder coating resins, with their excellent corrosion protection properties, and low curing temperatures that cut energy consumption and are easier on the environment.

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