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                                        Personal Care

                                        Revealing the Power of Beauty

                                        At DSM we believe that beauty enriches people’s lives. With a passion and sense of beauty woven into the very fabric of our organization, our vision is to deeply engage with our customers to realize beauty’s true potential.

                                        That’s why we continually challenge ourselves to understand in depth our customers’ needs, their brands and people’s beauty aspirations worldwide. These insights drive us every day to reveal beauty’s power. With foresight and imagination we connect and leverage our bright science in Skin, Sun and Hair Care to craft transformational beauty care ingredients and concepts that are loved – for superior performance, ultimate sensations and impeccable quality and reliability. All our creativity and solutions-based thinking is dedicated to inspiring our customers worldwide, allowing us to create together a brighter, more beautiful world for people today and generations to come.

                                        Skin Care

                                        Skin Care

                                        At DSM we believe that beautiful skin is a powerful means to express a person’s individual beauty – and we passionately want people to experience this power, every day.

                                        Driven by this deep rooted sense of beautiful skin and a global understanding of people’s beauty aspirations, we use our long-standing skin expertise and bright science across leading facial skin and body care technologies to craft superior, claim substantiated, bioactives and holistic concepts that make a real difference to people’s skin sensations, appearance and protection.

                                        Sun Care

                                        Sun Care

                                        We believe skin and hair should be well protected.

                                        We use our bright science and unique competencies in UV filter technologies and skin care actives as well as our sensory and formulation expertise to craft ingredients and concepts that deliver this ultimate UV protection in people’s day care and beach care.

                                        Hair Care

                                        Hair Care

                                        We believe that nothing complements a person's appearance better than beautiful hair.

                                        With our deep global understanding of people’s ever changing hair beauty aspirations, our passion for beauty trends and bright hair science, we craft tailored polymer designs and actives that let people everywhere discover the power of truly beautiful hair – through ultimate care and styling every day.

                                        Aroma Ingredients

                                        Aroma Ingredients: Solutions that enhance the senses

                                        Our bright science helps fragrance houses to continue innovating and producing products of the highest purity and quality that put a smile on consumers’ faces.

                                        Building aromas is a gradual and complex process that requires much skill, experience and know how – which in our case stretches back some 40 years. That’s how long we have been supplying the highest quality aroma ingredients produced in an ethical, sustainable and reliable way. Our approach is based on providing the highest quality, reliability and traceability where everything starts with our backwards-integrated position as the world’s largest producer of vitamins, an essential ingredient in our portfolio of intermediates and aroma ingredients.

                                        We continuously develop new intermediates and aroma ingredients in partnership with our key customers, all of which means that consumers around the world are enjoying a whole new generation of products. The sweet smell of success!

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