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                                        Our bright science is helping to improve peoples’ lives and preserve the planet every day.

                                        Vitamins play a critical role in overall nutrition and health. This is highlighted by the plethora of continuous research published in high profile scientific journals focused on the benefits of vitamins and minerals. However, evidence shows that many people worldwide fail to meet recommended nutritional intake levels. The impact of low micronutrient intake is a major public health concern, resulting in vulnerability to infection and disease. Optimal intake is therefore essential to reduce these and other risks. But what is an optimal intake? Existing data indicates that there is a need to revisit approaches to defining appropriate nutritional requirements for a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin E. Recent studies demonstrate the benefits for specific groups when they take high dose vitamins. Studies also show that vitamins taken in pharmaceutical applications support human health.

                                        Pharmaceutical Solutions

                                        In the Whitepaper 'Vitamins for pharmaceutical applications', we explain the role and importance of vitamin dietary reference intakes (DRIs) and draw on the latest clinical data to show the benefits of vitamin intake beyond currently recognized health effects and the nutritional range. Highlighting key studies, it also describes the vital function of nutrition under clinical conditions and demonstrates the significance of drug-nutrient interactions on health. In addition, a summary of the use of vitamins in pharmaceutical applications is provided.

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