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                                        Textiles & Clothing

                                        A good fit for our customers

                                        Our contribution to textiles covers everything from sporting and leisure clothing, to an innovative sustainable carpet technology, to tough industrial yarn, to next-generation textile adhesives and coatings for the fabric and leather industry.

                                        The search for lighter, more breathable fabrics and textiles is about meeting the functional, aesthetic, and increasingly environmental needs of both manufacturer and consumer.

                                        Medical garments

                                        Protecting the professionals

                                        For people in the frontline, our materials – specifically a copolyester elastomer called Arnitel? VT – are driving next-generation clothing for medical professionals, emergency services, police and the military – as well as athletes. Clothing made with Arnitel is based on unique monolithic technology that makes material breathable and flexible without the need for thousands of tiny holes. It’s rain, snow and wind resistant. It’s sweat resistant. It’s resistant to extreme cold and heat, chemicals, as well as nasty fluids (germs, bacterial and viruses). In other words, it provides safety and comfort for the wearer without compromising their performance. And thanks to its highly efficient and flexible processing characteristics it helps improve our customers’ performance.

                                        A wide range of yarn

                                        A wide range of yarn

                                        Dyneema? - a DSM brand - is the world’s strongest fiber. But that’s only half the story. Aside from being 15 times stronger than steel it’s incredibly light, water-resistant and flexible. This makes Dyneema perfect for a wide range of spun yarns; blended yarns (mixed with polyamide and polyester) and engineered yarns - especially in combination with fiber glass and steel fiber. Our customers use it everything from protective equipment to high-functioning clothing.

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