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                                        To date DSM's partnership with Vitamin Angels has reached 70 million children in 70 countries with the vitamin A supplements they need to help them fight off life-threatening illnesses.

                                        Discover the four reasons why it makes sense for food manufacturers to extend shelf life naturally rather than artificially, and seriously look into using biopreservatives or anti-oxidants.

                                        On International Beer Day our survey reveals that over half?of craft beer consumers will be raising a glass with a beer that’s advertised as sustainable, and preferably ‘locally brewed’ too.

                                        On 1 August DSM reported a good H1 2019 and maintained the full year outlook previously raised from initial targets as detailed in the Q1 Results announced on 7 May 2019.

                                        Why is craft beer so popular with millennials??Our survey reveals craft beer drinkers care deeply about their beer, where it comes from, and what it means for their health and the planet.

                                        The I AM Tomorrow Challenge is an acceleration program for startups and scaleups focused on data analytics, AI and other software solutions for large-scale 3D printing.

                                        In the next step towards commercial availability, DSM has filed for EU authorization of a new feed additive for dairy cows that will reduce their methane emissions by around 30%.

                                        The Evonik/DSM joint venture?Veramaris has begun commercial scale production of?omega-3 fatty acids rich in EPA and DHA from natural marine algae to feed salmon sustainably.

                                        DSM and BAC co-developed innovative 3D printing applications for the new Mono R, and will continue to showcase the potential of additive manufacturing to the automotive industry.

                                        We cast an eye over the lactose-free dairy market and highlight interesting paradoxes between the fastest growing regions and the countries with the largest markets.

                                        DSM partners with Avril to produce a unique protein based on non-genetically modified canola, enabling our customers to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based proteins.

                                        We look at the latest trends?that lie behind the continued global growth of lactose-free dairy products and the more recent intensified focus on their fortification with vitamins and minerals.

                                        First discovered by DSM's scientists in 1954, how does natamycin, which occurs naturally in soil as a result of natural biological bacterial fermentation, prevent food spoilage?

                                        Silky UV is the latest addition to our family of 'haptic' resins giving brands the extra edge; packaging that doesn't just look good, it feels good too.

                                        Our new direct-to-metal waterborne coating resin offers improved functional performance over conventional coating technologies without damaging the health of people or our planet.

                                        DSM & TFL, a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the leather industry, collaborate on next-generation waterborne polyurethane dispersions based on renewable raw materials.

                                        Amid dramatic demographic shifts in the region, a recent DSM Health Concerns survey showed that brain health and cognition are amongst the main concerns of consumers in Asia Pacific.

                                        DSM broadens portfolio of yeast and enzymes for starch, fiber and biomass conversion products, bringing higher performance, better efficiency and more reliability to the biofuels industry.

                                        life’s?OMEGA is an algae-based alternative to fish oil that contains both EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, keeping consumers healthy and safeguarding fragile marine ecosystems.

                                        Arnitel??increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers - reducing environmental impact and system costs.

                                        DSM and the Chenyang Group, a world-leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly paints and coatings, are to collaborate more extensively to drive sustainable coating solutions in China.

                                        Follow DSM's?innovation partners Team Sunweb as we highlight the nutrition solutions and advanced technologies we are co-developing to protect the riders and aid their post-race recovery.

                                        DSM's broad portfolio of biopreservation and anti-oxidant solutions extend the shelf life of dairy, baking and beverage goods in a natural way, while maintaining their high-quality.

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                                        Professional journalists are welcome to contact the media relations team at our global head office, the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA.?If you have a general or product-specific enquiry, or any other non-journalistic question, please refer to the details here.

                                        Heerlen, the Netherlands

                                        Herman Betten
                                        Senior Director Global External Affairs
                                        +31 45 578 2420

                                        Lieke de Jong-Tops
                                        Senior Financial Communications Manager
                                        +31 45 578 2420

                                        Parsippany (NJ), United States

                                        Hugh Welsh
                                        Director North America Communications & External Affairs
                                        +1 973 641 0605

                                        S?o Paulo, Brazil

                                        Zenaide Guerra
                                        Director Latam Communications & External Affairs
                                        +55 11 3728 8252

                                        Shanghai, China

                                        Leslie Lin
                                        Regional External Communication Manager


                                        Christina Celestine
                                        Director Asia/Pacific & China Communications & External Affairs
                                        +65 6632 6591

                                        Victoria Oei
                                        Communications Manager Singapore
                                        +65 6632 6624

                                        Tokyo, Japan

                                        Shintaro Ryu
                                        Communications Manager Japan
                                        +81 3 5404 8336

                                        Geleen, the Netherlands

                                        Guido van Alphen
                                        Director EMEA Communications & External Affairs
                                        +31 45 578 2421

                                        André van der Elsen
                                        Senior Communications Manager
                                        +31 45 578 2421

                                        Marianne Vintcent
                                        External Communications & Social Media Manager
                                        +31 45 578 2421

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