The power of partnerships

                                        No innovation without collaboration

                                        Open innovation

                                        There is no innovation without collaboration. It’s why we’re involved in 80+ academic partnerships, 30+ Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and various venturing projects, IP arrangements and joint ventures - all aimed at fulfilling our purpose of creating brighter lives for all.


                                        Having a clear, common purpose brings innovators together more closely and more often, enables advances at the very intersections of science – for example, using expertise developed in food enzymes to create biofuels from corn crop residue. But we can’t do it alone…

                                        Joint ventures

                                        When it comes to getting major innovations to market we cannot do it alone, whether it’s teaming up with Evonik to create algal oil for aquaculture or working with POET to produce next-generation biofuels, or Cargill with non-artificial sweeteners from stevia.

                                        When it comes to science & innovation there’s no doubt: we’re better together.

                                        Nothing ventured, nothing gained

                                        Where is the next generation of societal-defining innovations going to come from? One example is our participation in Greentown Labs, the largest clean tech incubator in America. As a direct result, we’re supporting countless new innovations in solar energy; and our involvement has indirectly led to DSM becoming the founding partner in the new MIT.nano facility at the fabled Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - which could be set to literally transform science.

                                        Academic partnerships

                                        Our science community works with more than 100 universities and R&D institutions around the world. For example, our collaboration with pre-eminent East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST) is helping us develop fermentation processes that will enable the more efficient production of everything from food and fuel to penicillin.

                                        Partnering with the public sector

                                        How valuable are PPPs to our company - and society? Just one example is our involvement in the InSciTe project, which is giving our scientists valuable access to a biomedical materials lab and bio-based pilot plant (as well as fellow scientists of course). The aim is to create products that meet the needs of an aging population, while producing chemicals and materials more sustainably.

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                                        • Nutrition & Health science & innovation

                                          DSM's innovations are enabling better nutrition & health for all, in everything from fighting malnutrition to sugar reduction in food, to healthy aging, to vitamins for new pharmaceutical therapies, to skin cancer prevention.

                                        • Climate & Energy science & innovation

                                          DSM's innovations are tackling the global challenge of climate & energy through everything from advanced solar materials, by enabling future mobility solutions, to reducing methane emissions from cattle.

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