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                                        Science & Innovation at DSM

                                        Putting our purpose to work

                                        Our scientific expertise and innovation power are answering some of the world’s biggest challenges, supporting our business growth and delivering value to everyone from customers and shareholders to employees, to the citizens of the world…

                                        Our purpose is what drives our innovations. Our bright minds are guided by our ‘magnetic north’’ – a genuine reflection of why our company exists and why we all come into work each day: to create brighter lives for all.

                                        In practice that means using all our knowledge, experience and resources at our disposal to address three defining areas of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity.

                                        Whether it’s fighting hidden hunger around the world, replacing fossil fuels with viable new renewable energy solutions, or creating 100% recyclable carpet…science & innovation really can change the world.

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