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                                        Materials Sciences

                                        Materials Sciences Award

                                        At DSM we have a long heritage of scientific innovation. To recognize and reward excellence in innovative research in Materials Sciences, we offer a Life Time Achievement Award. Open to scientists worldwide, we bestow this award every two years in recognition of outstanding scientific work by an established scientist who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the Materials Sciences field.
                                        (l-r) Dr. Marcus Remmers, DSM’s Chief Technology Officer & Professor Doros Theodorou, Professor in Materials Science & Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens

                                        The Materials Sciences Award 2018 was dedicated to Computational Material Science that focuses on predicting polymer properties from molecular structure.

                                        Scientists from all parts of the world who have made major contributions to fundamental or applied research in this field were nominated for the award. Special emphasis was given to the connect made between molecular details and macroscopic performance; paving the road for the development of the next generation performance materials. A prime requirement for selecting the winner was that the candidate’s research must have significantly advanced the world’s understanding and knowledge of key questions in the field specified.

                                        Candidates for the award could be put forward by nomination only and could not nominate themselves. The award was presented at the international conference on Deformation, Yield, and Fracture of Polymers (DYFP) in Kerkrade, the Netherlands on 26 March 2018.

                                        An international scientific jury reviewed the nominations and selected the winner, Professor Doros Theodorou from the National Technical University of Athens in recognition of the major contributions he has made to the field of molecular and meso-scale modeling of polymers. He has earned much praise for his open way of working, and his efforts to educate a whole generation of researchers, thereby making it easier for them to build on his findings.

                                        Previous winner

                                        The Materials Sciences Award 2016, with the chosen theme of Macromolecular Architectures was presented to Professor Steven P. Armes on 25 July in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the advancement of macromolecular architecture applied in many everyday situations, including the development of dirt-repellant coatings and lubricants that reduce wear and fuel consumption.

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