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                                        Life Integrated Process for the Enzymatic Splitting of triglycerides

                                        LIPES, which stands for Life Integrated Process for the Enzymatic Splitting of triglycerides, is a collaborative project involving five European partners to create high-purity, bio-based food, cosmetics, lubricants and specialty polymer applications from vegetable oils and fats. The project, which began in September 2016 and will run until August 2021, is an example of DSM’s efforts to build a low-carbon, bio-based economy.
                                        Life Integrated Process for the Enzymatic Splitting of triglycerides

                                        An environmentally friendly alternative

                                        The LIPES project has pioneered the use of an enzyme-based, environmentally friendly method for the production of fatty acids, and offers a viable alternative to current thermal hydrolysis and saponification production routes. Using the LIPES approach is expected to yield higher purity products and makes the fatty acid production process far more resource efficient, enabling savings of least 45% water, 70% enzymes and 80% energy compared to current approaches.

                                        It’s great that DSM is at the forefront of a project that enables the more sustainable production of fatty acids,” says Wilco Appel, Research Scientist DSM. “This project exemplifies our company’s wider strategic aims of creating healthier, higher performing and more sustainable solutions with our partners and customers to address global trends and challenges.”

                                        The strength of collaboration and co-innovation

                                        Scaling up to pre-industrial level production of greener and healthier fatty acids is a challenge that requires extensive expertise, facilities and technology at different stages of the value chain. Because of this, DSM has partnered with four leading organizations: Oleon (Belgium), Biocatalysts Limited (UK), STC-Engineering GMBH (Germany), and Technische Universitaet Berlin (Germany). Each partner contributes its own set of unique competences with the aim of delivering the best possible co-innovation results.

                                        Strengthening European competitiveness

                                        A key result of the LIPES project is the increased competitiveness of the EU oleo-chemical industry through a cost-effective process leading to high-performance products. Specifically, LIPES is enabling the development of sustainable scientific expertise within the EU workforce across the whole value chain.

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