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                                        Nutrition & Health

                                        Nourishing people and planet

                                        Innovations from DSM are supporting healthier living and diets for all by addressing everything from malnutrition to sugar reduction in dairy products, to healthy aging, to vitamins for new pharmaceutical therapies, to skin cancer prevention.

                                        People are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. Old age, poor diet & nutrition and lack of exercise are all placing an increasing burden on health systems. In fact, according to The Economist, global healthcare costs are set to hit $18.28 trillion by 2040.

                                        At DSM we’re striving to ease that burden.

                                        Tackling nutrient deficiency

                                        Today, around 1 billion people suffer from what’s known as ‘hidden hunger’ - a form of malnutrition where, despite getting enough calories, the diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients created by our scientists can be added to food being prepared at source, addressing a broad range of physical and mental health needs that have far-reaching consequences.

                                        Maxilact® is a great-tasting neutral lactase enzyme that enables sugar reduction in dairy products by up to 20%

                                        Reducing sugar

                                        Reducing sugar in dairy products (and replacing lactose) benefits everyone - not least the millions of lactose-intolerant consumers around the world. But doing so without compromising the taste had puzzled the industry for decades… until the DSM team finally cracked the problem. Maxilact? is a great-tasting neutral lactase enzyme that enables sugar reduction in dairy products by up to 20% and is now being used in various popular high-protein, low sugar snacks.

                                        The broadest range of UV filters in the industry

                                        Protecting the skin

                                        The statistics on skin cancer are truly worrying (in the US alone, someone dies every 53 minutes from the disease). The ideal solution is a product with high Sun Factor Protection (SPF) that consumers actually want to use – which is exactly what our solutions of UV filters provides. In fact, our bright minds created the broadest range of UV filters in the industry , going beyond the traditional boundaries of skin protection.

                                        Biomaterials for implantable drug delivery systems

                                        Improving health

                                        Our materials for medical devices, implants and regenerative medicine mark the spot where life & materials sciences meet. The result is innovations like our biomaterials for implantable drug delivery systems that have the potential to improve both the quality and quantity of patients’ lives.

                                        But it doesn’t end there. Today our science & innovation is also making life brighter for people everywhere through everything from sustainable animal protein to fortified processed food, to plant-based proteins, to preventing injuries from stabs, cuts and ballistic threats.

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