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                                        Our Competences

                                        We believe that the best way to create brighter lives for all is to use our science to tackle the challenges facing the planet in the key areas of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity.
                                        DSM's Scientific Competences

                                        Increasingly we’ve found that scientific breakthroughs come at the borders of scientific competences (often unexpectedly). Put simply, our in-house and external experts from different fields – often using very different scientific techniques – connect together across the globe.

                                        What is a scientific competence?

                                        Our competences form the backbone of innovation at DSM, covering specific aspects of scientific insight and expertise. They range from knowledge and best practices accumulated over time, to the advanced technological equipment and facilities we use today. Most importantly, they include the skills, expertise, curiosity, tenacity - and networks - of the many talented scientific minds that work with and for us.

                                        Scientific collaboration

                                        Our competence toolbox

                                        Our toolbox of scientific competences is grouped into seven areas, each with many advanced areas of expertise. Many of these – for instance those grounded in Chemistry, Engineering and Analytics – are applied across our Life Sciences and Materials Sciences businesses. They are not just applied to Research Technology & Development but also supporting other functions.

                                        Scientific competences benefit society

                                        Every day, tools from every section of our competence toolbox are used in different combinations to help solve major societal challenges. We do this increasingly with external partners and collaborators. Why? Because we believe that the sum of our innovations is stronger than its individual parts - and that science can continue to change the world for the better.

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