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                                        Chemical Sciences

                                        Creating key building blocks, products, and optimized manufacturing

                                        Our Chemical Sciences competences deliver the expertise and techniques that transform lower-value raw material into higher-value molecular building blocks and products that are better for people and the planet. 
                                        Breaking and creating bonds between atoms and steering their rearrangement in the desired direction

                                        We achieve it by breaking and creating bonds between atoms, and steering their rearrangement in the desired direction. Just one example of Chemical Sciences is our work on toxic e-waste which is predicted to grow to 65.4 million metric tons in 2017. Our halogen-free Arnitel? XG material is helping to deliver a product that addresses this.

                                        Chemical Sciences: The foundation of innovation

                                        It’s our Chemical Sciences competences that deliver, among other things, the polymer building blocks and flame retardancy expertise that enable safer electrical products: Eliminating halogen, red phosphorous and other substances with hazardous concern is increasingly important to the electronics industry and its fight against e-waste.

                                        Reducing animal methane emissions

                                        Meanwhile, Chemical Sciences also provide ingredients for new Nutrition or Health formulations, as with our vitamins, or our feed supplement that can reduce animal methane emissions by up to 30% - methane that would otherwise be trapping heat in the atmosphere and warming up our planet.

                                        And, in collaboration with Engineering Sciences, our Chemical Sciences competence also develops conceptual routes for scale-up and improvement of chemical processes.

                                        Chemical Sciences: Advanced areas of expertise

                                        • Scouting, conceptualizing and evaluating new, competing, or externally emerging chemical routes
                                        • Developing conceptual routes for scale-up to new or improved chemical processes
                                        • Enabling cleaner and cheaper manufacturing
                                        • Providing the fundamental platform for other sciences to build upon
                                        Finding new functional molecules

                                        Chemical Sciences & societal benefit: Fit for the future

                                        Our competence in Chemical Sciences is also reducing raw material waste - through improved catalysis, for example. It’s also enabling us to find new functional molecules that can replace less sustainable substances and keep our processes and products fit. By providing early recognition of winning routes, we in turn create value options and building Intellectual Property - all of which is geared towards the ultimate goal: The shift towards a circular, bio-based and renewable economy.

                                        Chemical Sciences: Knowledge centers

                                        Our largest chemical science communities are located in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland) and Geleen (the Netherlands). Application-oriented communities can be found at other DSM facilities worldwide.

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