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                                        Rolf van Benthem

                                        Macromolecular Sciences

                                        Corporate Science Fellow, Chemistry of Polymers and Resins
                                        Rolf van Benthem, Corporate Science Fellow, Chemistry of Polymers and Resins

                                        I am currently working on...

                                        A range of interesting and exciting projects, particularly within our Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Solar businesses. For Additive Manufacturing, I’m helping to develop and generate new powder and liquid materials with breakthrough properties, as well as investigating the recycling of polymer materials. For Advanced Solar, I’m continuing to develop Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling coatings, and scouting technologies for possible new solar ventures by engaging with MIT and our visiting scientists in these areas.

                                        The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is...

                                        Engaging with customers to find out what their unspoken, unmet needs are, and how our competences can help deliver on those needs. In particular, I enjoy being able to design and create materials up from the molecular level to the mesoscopic level – while ensuring they have the right functionality at the macroscopic scale to meet those needs.

                                        The breakthrough I would most like to see made in my field is...

                                        That 3D printed parts can achieve a full scope of properties by careful design of macromolecular architecture and the processability of these polymers.

                                        Key areas of expertise

                                        • Chemistry of thermoset, thermoplastic, sol-gel and coatings materials
                                        • Polymer chemistry
                                        • Cross-linking of polymers
                                        • Self-healing materials
                                        • Self-cleaning surfaces
                                        • M.Sc., Chemistry (cum laude), Leiden University (the Netherlands)
                                        • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

                                        I represent DSM externally at

                                        • Coatings Science International - Organizing committee
                                        • Member of Round Table for Chemistry and Materials Advisory Group of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO).
                                        • Eindhoven University of Technology – Professor (Part-time)

                                        Based in

                                        Geleen, the Netherlands

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