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                                        Materials Sciences

                                        Creating better, more sustainable materials

                                        Our expertise in Materials Sciences is what helps us produce many of the engineering thermoplastics, resins, high performance fibers and coatings that appear in products essential to our everyday lives – from cars to electronics to packaging to construction to sports and medical equipment and the energy sector.
                                        Materials Sciences: Creating better, more sustainable materials

                                        Just one example is Arnitel? VT, our flexible thermoplastic elastomer used for outdoor clothing and medical gowns. Not only is it 100% waterproof, but it’s also highly breathable and comfortable, while containing no perfluorinated chemicals.

                                        DSM Materials Sciences & societal impact

                                        Our breakthroughs in Materials Sciences address pressing global issues. One example is our anti-reflective coating for solar panels, which helps make solar energy more efficient and thus more affordable, viable and sustainable. Other game-changers are the Akulon Diablo? technology that enable use of our engineering polymers in aggressive environments and our extreme performance ForTii? high performance polyamides product line for light weight applications.

                                        Materials Sciences: Advanced areas of expertise

                                        • Polymer physics
                                        • Mechanical engineering
                                        • Shaping & fluid mechanics
                                        Materials Sciences for health & wellbeing

                                        Materials Sciences for health & wellbeing

                                        Our Materials Sciences competences also make a major contribution to nutrition, health, medicine and biotechnology. For example, they helped create our Akulon? polymer, used in packaging to significantly extend food’s shelf life and reduce food waste – a defining challenge for society.

                                        Meanwhile in the Biomedical field, our medical-grade Dyneema Purity? fiber has the potential to aid in therapeutic repairs that are more comfortable, last longer and create stronger mechanical performance – all of which contributes to improved quality of life.

                                        Materials Sciences: Knowledge centers

                                        Our key RT&D centers in the Materials Sciences field of expertise are located in Geleen, (the Netherlands), and Shanghai (China).

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