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                                        Nutritional Sciences

                                        Nutritional Sciences for better health and fitness

                                        Our Nutritional Sciences competences are what enable us to boost the nutritional value of animal feed (through our RONOZYME® solution); make scientific advances in the benefits of PUFA, carotenoids and vitamins to humans (like our ongoing work on vitamin E); and contribute to products that reduce glucose and cholesterol levels like our OatWell® nutraceutical; or that aid blood flow (Fruitflow®). 
                                        Nutritional Sciences for better health and fitness

                                        Our competences include expertise and technology needed to identify and develop novel compounds and substances; transform active ingredients into valuable applications - and of course demonstrate their safety and efficacy.

                                        DSM Nutritional Sciences: Application expertise

                                        Nutritional Sciences enable us to create a wide range of nutritional solutions for both animals and humans covering vitamins, carotenoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, feed and food enzymes, eubiotics, and bioactive natural ingredients. Many millions of people consume our products every day in their quest to boost their wellbeing – something of which we’re very proud.

                                        Vitamin B1 crystal

                                        Nutritional Sciences: Advanced areas of expertise

                                        The concept of nutrition and all it entails is complex – which is why we’re able to draw upon a wealth of scientific talent covering the complete range of modern biology – from genetics to transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics, all the way to human research. Our people enable us to create new biological models, and support the entire range of studies across the field of nutritional science. These include:

                                        • Nutritionists
                                        • Physicians
                                        • Veterinarians
                                        • Physiologists
                                        • Molecular biologists
                                        • Biochemists
                                        • Biostatisticians
                                        • Regulatory support professionals

                                        Nutritional Sciences: The DSM difference

                                        How strong are our Nutritional Sciences competences? DSM is the only company able to supply the whole range of vitamins in forms most suitable for humans and all animal species. Furthermore we offer the most complete portfolio of enzymes in the industry, along with a diverse range of carotenoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


                                        Nutritional Sciences for societal benefit

                                        Our competences have helped us develop breakthrough products like RONOZYME ProAct, a unique and pure protease that maximizes the use of protein and improves its nutritional value for poultry. More recently, our expertise in vitamins is contributing to the debate about new potential of Vitamin E to address conditions like cardiovascular disease; and to DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Meanwhile Fruitflow is a natural food ingredient based on tomatoes that is now proven to maintain a healthy blood flow. And of course there’s our solution to reduce the amount of harmful methane emitted by cows by up to 30%.

                                        Nutritional Sciences: Knowledge centers

                                        Our Human Nutrition & Health RT&D centers are located in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland), Columbia, Maryland and Boulder, Colorado (U.S.), Shanghai (China) and Delft (the Netherlands). Those focusing on Animal Nutrition & Health are in Village Neuf (France), Bazhou (China) and Mairinque (Brazil).

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