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                                        Brighter Living Solutions Drivers

                                        To drive our portfolio towards a better impact on planet and people we have identified nine distinct Brighter Living drivers. The drivers are based on environmental and social life cycle assessments reflecting both a balanced approach and tool to spot opportunities.
                                        Brighter Living Solutions Drivers

                                        These nine different drivers reflect a balanced approach and support the continuous development of our Brighter Living Solutions product portfolio:

                                        1) Resources

                                        Efficient use, use of waste streams, use of recycled resources, avoiding scarce materials.

                                        2) Land use

                                        Higher yield from the same land, use of waste streams.

                                        3) Water

                                        More efficient use, reducing water waste, fresh water protection.

                                        4) Energy

                                        Energy efficiency, application of renewable energy.

                                        5) Emissions

                                        Reduced or avoided greenhouse gas emissions, reducing small air particles.

                                        6) Health condition

                                        Improved health condition of end users, risk reduction of diseases, regenerative health.

                                        7) Comfort and wellbeing

                                        Improved perceived comfort & wellbeing, related to taste, odour, touch vision and sound.

                                        8) Working conditions

                                        Improved working conditions, health and safety, fair wages, equal opportunities.

                                        9) Community development

                                        Job creation, improved infrastructure, access to education.

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