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                                        To help achieve the transition to a Circular & Bio-based Economy, DSM works with governments, companies, universities and Non-Governmental Organizations, including the following:
                                        CE100 website


                                        CE100 is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's global engagement platform which involves academia, cities and governments, emerging innovators and corporates. DSM is currently participating in a CE100 collaboration project to promote the role of renewable materials in a Circular Economy.

                                        Champions 12.3 website

                                        Champions 12.3

                                        Champions 12.3 is a coalition of executives dedicated to inspiring ambition, mobilizing action and accelerating progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: halving per capita global food waste and reducing food losses along production and supply chains by 2030. DSM contributes to meeting SDG 12.3 through its product portfolio and is defining further actions to support the reduction of food loss and waste.

                                        Circle Economy website

                                        Circle Economy

                                        Circle Economy is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a Circular Economy through practical and scalable programs and tools. As a member of the Circle Built Environment Programme, DSM is exploring how we can collaborate and provide innovative material solutions to help the buildings & construction sector move towards circularity.

                                        Ellen MacArthur Foundation website

                                        Ellen MacArthur Foundation

                                        The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was established in 2010 and has become the global thought leader for the transition to the Circular Economy. DSM participates in various projects and collaborates with diverse members of the Foundation.

                                        The Ocean Cleanup website

                                        The Ocean Cleanup

                                        The Ocean Cleanup is a groundbreaking initiative by Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat to rid our oceans of plastic. DSM supports The Ocean Cleanup with materials expertise and knowledge. For example, DSM's Dyneema? fibers are used in the mooring ropes of the prototype floating barrier systems and Feike Sijbesma, DSM's CEO, is Senior Advisor to The Ocean Cleanup's Supervisory Board.

                                        Project MainStream website

                                        Project MainStream

                                        Project MainStream, established by both the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum focuses on systemic stalemates in global material flows that are too big or complex for any one organization, city or government to overcome alone, such as plastics. DSM’s CEO steers Project MainStream with the CEOs of eight other global companies.

                                        WBCSD website

                                        WBCSD Factor10

                                        The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led organization of over 200 businesses working together towards joint sustainability goals. As co-chair of the WBCSD’s circular economy program, Factor10, DSM is actively collaborating with other businesses to scale up solutions to drive towards circularity in the automotive and built environment sectors, and to tackle food loss & waste.

                                        WEF Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) website

                                        WEF Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

                                        WEF PACE is a public-private collaboration, which aims to create systems change by enabling partners to develop blended financing models for circular economy projects in developing and emerging economies, and help create and adjust enabling policy frameworks to address specific barriers to advancing the circular economy. DSM is working with PACE to further our circular economy ambitions in specific regions.

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