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                                        Enable recycling

                                        With smart and safe materials

                                        The design of products and materials rarely takes recycling and disassembly into account. As a result, complex products with countless inputs are produced, making it physically or economically impossible to deconstruct and recycle. DSM aims to design and create simpler products out of smarter, simpler and safer materials, thereby enabling disassembly and recycling at the end of life.


                                        Niaga? aims to redesign products from scratch with a reversible adhesive, so that all materials can easily be recovered and made into products again. The first product to use the Niaga design philosophy is carpet, which is fully recyclable back into the same product.

                                        Together with start-up company Niaga, DSM developed a revolutionary philosophy to improve material use in various industries. By using a simple set of clean materials and DSM’s reversible adhesive, which decouples on demand, a carpet was created that can be 100% recycled. Furthermore, Niaga carpet costs less energy to produce and contains fewer harmful materials. Although Niaga is initially focused on the carpet industry, the technology is being applied to develop fully recyclable mattresses (with partner Auping), and panel materials for buildings & construction (with research collaboration partner ECOR).

                                        Arnitel® VT in surgical gowns with the highest level of protection

                                        Arnitel? VT

                                        Arnitel? VT is a very flexible thermoplastic elastomer, that can be turned into thin membranes which are not only highly breathable and comfortable, but also 100% waterproof and 100% recyclable. Moreover, the material contains no perfluorinated chemicals. Therefore, Arnitel VT offers our customers a safer and easily recyclable alternative to other thermoplastic elastomers. Arnitel VT is currently used for waterproof, durable and comfortable outdoor clothing and trustworthy surgical gowns.

                                        Endurance PV backsheets

                                        Endurance backsheets

                                        The rise of renewable energy has led to a boom in the production of solar panels. However, conventional solar panels have a limited lifespan and are not suitable for recycling. Therefore, DSM Advanced Solar developed endurance backsheets, which are 100% recyclable and have a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents. Regardless of their environmental value, the backsheets still deliver maximum protection and long-term power gain at a competitive price.

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