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                                        Extend the lifetime of materials and products

                                        With improved durability or shelf-life

                                        A Circular Economy keeps products, components and materials in use at their highest value for the longest possible time. The simplest way to achieve this is to extend the lifetime of our materials and products by improving their durability or shelf life. 


                                        Dyneema?, the world’s strongest fiber? is DSM’s premium brand for UHMWPE fiber, UD and fabric. The combination of extreme strength, low weight and extreme durability in Dyneema creates unique benefits for sustainability from various perspectives. For example, Dyneema is used in durable deep water mooring chains.

                                        Dyneema combines maximum strength with minimum weight. It is 15 times stronger than quality steel and 40% stronger than aramid fiber, both on weight for weight basis, and floats on water. Dyneema also claims to be the greenest strength?: from cradle-to-gate, Dyneema products deliver the lowest carbon footprint for the unit of tenacity. Overall, Dyneema has proven its capabilities in various applications, including ropes and netting, cut protective gloves and air cargo nets.



                                        Akulon? is our family of high performance polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 materials, used by customers across the world in applications ranging from automotive, electronics & electrical, to furniture and packaging. Akulon is a material that is tough yet flexible, offering outstanding mechanical strength, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance and elongation. As a result, using Akulon as an input extends the lifetime of many products.

                                        Natural food preservatives

                                        Natural food preservatives

                                        DSM’s portfolio includes a wide range of highly efficient natural preservatives that protect a variety of foods and beverages against loss and waste, including cheese, yoghurt, meat, and baked goods. For example, Delvo?Zyme prevents late blowing in cheese and spoilage in wine, while Delvo?Guard protects and extends the shelf life of fresh dairy products. All with no compromise on the look, taste or smell of the products.

                                        Stanyl® high-performance polyamide 46

                                        Stanyl? Diablo

                                        Stanyl? Diablo is a high-heat resistant automotive plastic proven to extend the life of ‘Under the Hood’ components like charge air cooler end caps and engine covers. Stanyl Diablo out-performs all other high performance plastics as a metal replacement in the Hot Zone of a car engine. With its lower weight, Stanyl Diablo also helps you reduce both fuel consumption and resultant carbon emissions.

                                        Other products that extend the lifetime of materials and products include:

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