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                                        Recover waste streams

                                        By viewing waste as a resource

                                        We see a transition to a Circular Economy that is restorative and regenerative by design not only as a duty to future generations, but also as a business opportunity. This view challenges us to innovate and use our scientific competences to create profitable products and solutions that unlock the value of both organic and non-organic waste streams.

                                        POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels

                                        Together with POET, a large biofuels company, DSM has established one of the world’s first commercial-scale, cellulosic ethanol plants to make cellulosic biofuel competitive as a source of renewable energy.

                                        In order to produce cellulosic biofuels, POET-DSM is successfully collaborating with local farmers to secure a continuous supply of corn stover, the above-ground plant left after harvesting, for its cellulosic biofuel plant in rural Iowa. Having made several breakthroughs in the production process, the next goal for POET-DSM is to ramp up production. The ultimate mission of the joint venture is to make cellulosic biofuel competitive with corn bio-ethanol, the most competitive renewable liquid transportation fuel on the US market.

                                        High quality, bio-based succinic acid


                                        We are the co-inventor and exclusive licensor of Biosuccinium?, a succinic acid made by fermentation using renewable (non-fossil) resources. Biosuccinium is a chemical building block that enables customers in the chemical industry to choose a biobased alternative with a lower carbon footprint (50 - 90%, depending on the application).

                                        For example, Biosuccinium is used to produce performance footwear, compostable coffee cups and 100% natural origin personal care and cosmetic products.

                                        CanolaPro™ plant protein


                                        Protein forms a crucial component of our food, but its availability is becoming increasingly threatened by the growing world population and limited natural resources. DSM’s ‘Proteins of the Future’ project successfully turned an inedible agricultural byproduct of rapeseed oil extraction into valuable plant protein: CanolaPro?. This revolutionary plant protein is durable, has a good taste and is suitable for many food applications.

                                        Decovery® eco-friendly paint resin


                                        Decovery? is an eco-friendly paint resin, made with plant-based renewable materials. As a result, the coatings and inks industry can use Decovery as a renewable building block for more sustainable products with great performance. Having shifted our dependency on fossil-based raw materials to reliance on sustainable alternatives, we are currently living up to our own philosophy and manufacturing a product that is “made to be made again”.

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