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                                        Reduce resource use

                                        Over the full value chain

                                        The combination of finite resources and increasing consumer demand have made resource efficiency an integral part of DSM’s circular strategy. Our aim of reducing resource use applies not only to our own manufacturing processes, but also to those of our customers, suppliers and end-consumers. We develop solutions with less resources and conduct life-cycle analyses of our products and processes to make them even more efficient.


                                        EcoPaXX? is our high-performance green plastic. It is 70% bio-based, neutral in carbon emissions and offers exceptional performance in the most demanding of environments, such as the automotive industry.

                                        EcoPaXX is mainly made from tropical castor beans which do not compete with the food chain, making them the perfect foundation for a bio-based plastic. It is also 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate. Regardless, EcoPaXX is extremely durable due to its excellent resistance to heat, impact and puncturing. As a result, EcoPaXX offers outstanding, durable performance in demanding Under-the-Hood applications in the automotive industry.

                                        Arnite® XT reduces vehicle components weight

                                        Arnite? XT

                                        The simplest way to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in transport is to make modes of transportation lighter. Using Arnite? XT, the weight of many vehicle components can be reduced by up to 50%. For example, an electronic power steering system with Arnite XT is 50% lighter, costs 10-40% less to manufacture, and has a 40% smaller carbon footprint compared to aluminum housings.

                                        Cut stabilization time, keep beer same quality

                                        Brewers Clarex?

                                        Today’s brewer looks to maximize brewing capacity, reduce waste and beer losses, improve consistency and still deliver the same high quality, stable, clear beer. Our unique patented enzyme Brewers Clarex? meets all those requirements. The enzyme allows lower energy use which leads to a lower carbon footprint of 5-6% compared to classical beer stabilizers. Brewers Clarex also improves beer filtration cycle lengths, thus reducing the amount of beer and water loss.

                                        Cheese ripening in Pack-Age®


                                        Pack-Age? is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese. This solution envelops the cheese with a moisture permeable, breathable membrane that allows the cheese to ripen naturally, but without the risk of mould and yeast growth. Pack-Age results in 30-50% lower moisture loss during ripening and 5-10% lower wastage during cheese cutting, leading to a 5-10% yield improvement. Cheese producers are able to reduce their raw material usage, saving 0.5 liters of milk per every 1kg of cheese ripened.

                                        Other DSM products that help to reduce resource use include:

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