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                                        Replace scarce, hazardous and potentially harmful resources

                                        With safe and renewable alternatives

                                        We are dedicated to creating non-hazardous closed loop systems by both replacing scarce and polluting resources with safe and renewable ones and manufacturing our products with secondary rather than virgin materials. Given DSM’s Bright Science and experience in the bio-based economy, we are uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions for closing the loop.


                                        Decovery? is a plant-based, eco-friendly resin containing renewable materials. Contrary to traditional petroleum-based resins, Decovery offers our customers a bio-based building block for sustainable paints.

                                        As a plant-based high-performance resin, Decovery enables the coating and inks industry to develop more sustainable, healthier products. As opposed to a fossil-based binder resin, Decovery is created out of renewable materials and, consequently, has a lower carbon footprint up to 34%. Furthermore, it helps ensure a safer, healthier environment. For example, Decovery forms the basis for PPG’s Sigma Air Pure, a bio-based wall paint with an air purification effect.

                                        Biosuccinium® bio-succinic acid


                                        We are the co-inventor and exclusive licensor of Biosuccinium?, a succinic acid made by fermentation using renewable (non-fossil) resources. Biosuccinium is a chemical building block that enables customers in the chemical industry to choose a biobased alternative with a lower carbon footprint (50 - 90%, depending on the application).

                                        For example, Biosuccinium is used to produce performance footwear, compostable coffee cups and 100% natural origin personal care and cosmetic products.

                                        EcoPaXX® made from tropical castor beans


                                        EcoPaXX? is our high-performance green plastic. It is mainly made from tropical castor beans which do not compete with the food chain. Consequently, EcoPaXX is made from renewable inputs and no longer relies on scarce resources. It is also 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate. Regardless, EcoPaXX is extremely durable and offers outstanding performance in the automotive industry, among others.

                                        Other DSM products that help to replace scarce, hazardous and potentially harmful resources include:

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