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                                        Enabling the low-carbon economy

                                        Creating emissions reductions across the value chain

                                        DSM is active in a wide variety of markets and is dedicated to reducing GHG emissions across the various value chains in which it is active. The company develops and sells various Brighter Living Solutions, so-called because they are measurably better than the mainstream solution on the market in terms of their environmental (i.e. CO2 emissions, resource extraction, waste etc.) and/or social impact (i.e. criteria such as working conditions and health). Brighter Living Solutions currently account for 62% of DSM’s product portfolio.
                                        Creating emissions reductions across the value chain

                                        At DSM, we strive for a low-carbon future not only from a moral responsibility. We look at it as a tremendous business opportunity taking conclusions of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate in its New Climate Economy Report 2018 into consideration. This important analysis estimates that bold climate action could yield a direct economic gain of USD26 trillion through to 2030, compared with business-as-usual.

                                        Hence we have a broad portfolio with different solutions, primarily focused on “climate mitigation” (reducing and stabilizing greenhouse gasses). Increasingly, we also dedicate our knowledge and products to help society adapt to the effects of climate change.


                                        Emissions-reducing Air Cargo Nets with Dyneema® fiber

                                        Emissions-reducing Air Cargo Nets with Dyneema? fiber

                                        With the drive to reduce CO2 emissions really on, and fuel costs always an issue, the aviation industry needs solutions that improve the bottom line and benefit the environment. Therefore DSM Dyneema partnered with AmSafe Bridport to develop lightweight air cargo nets.

                                        Dyneema?, the world’s strongest fiber? provides a great combination of extreme strength, low weight and extreme durability. Hence we claim it to be “the greenest strength?”: from cradle-to-gate, Dyneema products deliver the lowest carbon footprint for the unit of tenacity.

                                        Applying the fiber in air cargo nets reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Meanwhile it provides a significant reduction in operation handling time and it is better for health and safety of ramp workers.

                                        More sustainable farming

                                        More sustainable farming

                                        As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for food, including beef and dairy. Unfortunately, the cows we raise for this purpose produce significant amounts of methane. This process accounts for 4% of all total global greenhouse gas emissions, making it a major contributor to climate change.

                                        Working in intense collaboration with scientists and experts in nutrition, biology, chemistry, engineering and analytics from across the globe, DSM has developed a compound that, when added to dairy cattle feed, reduces methane emissions by 30%. While it has no adverse effects on animal welfare, feed consumption or performance, it significantly lowers the environmental footprint of the beef and dairy sector.

                                        Uralac® Ultra Powder Coating

                                        Uralac? Ultra Powder Coating

                                        MDF (medium density fiberboard) is the key source for a wide range of high-quality home and office furniture - including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, children’s play- and bedroom items and professional desks and accessories. Part of the annual production of 5 billion m2 boards is traditionally coated with solvent-borne resins, which have a significant environmental impact.

                                        DSM Resins & Functional Materials has found a sustainable alternative, the Uralac? Ultra powder coating. This breakthrough technology contains no toxic solvents and has better performance benefits in scratch & moisture resistance. It is application efficient, while securing  a carbon footprint that is 5 times lower than traditional coatings. If the entire MDF industry would use this product, we could save 2 million tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 237,500 car trips around the world.

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