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                                        Stakeholder Engagement

                                        Listening to the world around us

                                        Only by reaching out to all our stakeholders - customers, investors, employees, partners and public and private organizations around the world - will DSM continue to be a leader in identifying the world’s challenges and creating sustainable solutions to help solve them.
                                        Listening to the world around us

                                        DSM stays in tune with changing world trends and needs by taking an outside-in approach.

                                        A brighter future? Let’s talk

                                        DSM’s associations and networks, as well as contacts with the United Nations and NGOs, are key to DSM effectively engaging with stakeholders and our scientists, executives and Managing Board members hold positions in numerous, wide-ranging organizations.


                                        DSM maintains specific ongoing dialogues with individuals and organizations involved in our targeted Sustainable Growth Platforms; Nutriton, Climate Change and the Circular Economy.

                                        In addition, DSM participates in several initiatives that address a wider variety of societal issues in different regions:

                                        DSM’s total contributions for Trade Associations and other tax-exempt groups amounted to €2.6 million in 2017. Our contributions for the last five years are in the table below.

                                        Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
                                        Contribution (€) 2,608,000 2,300,000 2,078,000 1,950,000 1,715,000

                                        Our largest contributions in 2017 (in alphabetical order) were made to CEFIC, Council for Responsible Nutrition, Seafood Nutrition Partnership, VNCI and WEF.

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