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                                        Sustainable Value Chains

                                        Engaging with our value chains

                                        Real sustainability can only be truly achieved when all parts of the value chain work together. DSM's stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the Circular Economy as a concept that improves the environmental impact of the entire value chain, and none more so than our customers and suppliers.
                                        Engaging with our value chains

                                        For DSM, sustainable & circular value chains mean low environmental and positive societal impact value chains for its product and system design, emphasizing the use and re-use of materials. DSM is therefore constantly working closely with customers and suppliers to further improve the overall footprint of our value chains, and both our Brighter Living Solutions and Sustainable Growth Drivers provide clear directions for further innovation.

                                        Preferred business partner

                                        Collaboration in the value chain not only contributes to new innovations, value proposition development and advancing sustainability metrics, it also supports DSM's ambition to be a preferred business partner.

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