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                                        Our Operations

                                        Global environmental and social responsibilities

                                        Divided into two clusters - Nutrition and Materials - DSM operates through five Business Groups, the DSM Innovation Center (which includes its Emerging Business Areas) and its Partnerships. DSM’s corporate departments provide services for the businesses in areas such as finance, investor relations, communications, human resources, operations, safety, health and environment, and sustainability. 
                                        DSM's global operations

                                        In 2001 48% of DSM's workforce was based in the Netherlands, in 2017 this was 18%. DSM’s international profile means that it now employs 20,000 people representing around 100 nationalities; as well as managing the operations of more than 200 sites and offices in nearly 50 countries.

                                        Global responsibilities

                                        This footprint means DSM takes its global environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This goes beyond our own operations to that of our suppliers, customers, and end-users with Brighter Living Solutions, cross-sector nutrition partnerships, our Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) policy, our policy on Product Stewardship and our position on issues such as Human Rights, Industrial Biotechnology and Biodiversity.

                                        Global responsibilities

                                        For our people, DSM takes care to elevate topics such as health and safety, vitality, inclusion and diversity, and learning and development. For our environmental footprint, the company has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon emissions, and monitors and reports on this, as well as other targets - including emissions to air, water consumption and waste - in a transparent way.

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