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                                        Our Employees

                                        A safe, healthy, inclusive and diverse workforce

                                        It is DSM's ambition to have an injury and incident-free working environment for its increasingly diverse workforce. In addition to being fatality free for the last four years, DSM is making steady progress in improving both occupational safety, and embracing diversity.
                                        A safe, healthy, inclusive and diverse workforce


                                        DSM aims to reduce its Frequency Index of Recordable Injuries by 50% or more by the year 2020 compared to 2010, meaning an index score that is less than or equal to 0.25 in 2020, compared to the 0.57 achieved in 2010. This Frequency Index is based on the number of fatalities, lost or restricted workday cases or medical treatment cases per 100 DSM employees and contractors in one year.

                                        DSM prioritizes keeping its employees safe through its Life Saving Rules, ongoing process improvements, and awareness and competence training.

                                        Comprehensive details of DSM's latest safety performance can be found in the Integrated Annual Report 2017.


                                        DSM also invests in the health of its employees. Its global employee health management program, [email protected] raises employees’ awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. Over the last eight years, more than 15,000 DSM employees worldwide have participated in the [email protected] program. Comprehensive details of the latest on the [email protected] program can be found in the Integrated Annual Report 2017.

                                        Inclusion & Diversity

                                        DSM knows that in order to deliver on its strategic goals and achieve success, the company must become more diverse. DSM is focused on creating a more inclusive culture - one that embraces differences.

                                        Diversity means embracing different styles, behaviors and mindsets, while remaining true to DSM’s values and mission. There are many aspects of diversity that are important to DSM: age, nationality, culture, ethnic background, gender, religion, to name but a few. The latest details can be found in the Integrated Annual Report 2017.

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