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                                        Commercial Fishing

                                        Optimize with strong yet lightweight nets and ropes

                                        Demand for fish is expected to double in the coming 50 years. Ropes and nets made with Dyneema? enable more sustainable fishing techniques that optimize catch and production, save money, and are sustainable.

                                        Meeting the challenges of modern fishing

                                        Hampidjan knows the challenges faced by fishermen today. It's why many of its products aim to support sustainable fishing while improving catch performance.

                                        Read the case

                                        Get in touch with our Commercial Fishing experts

                                        Get advice on how Dyneema? could optimize your business.

                                        The Greenest Strength?

                                        How does choosing Dyneema? help the environment? Fishing nets made with Dyneema are lighter, more durable, and create less drag.

                                        • 10% fuel saving
                                        • 40% less CO2
                                        Read more about The Greenest Strength?
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