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                                        Superstrong Air Cargo Containers

                                        Less fuel and lower emissions

                                        Next-generation air containers made with Dyneema? are redefining air cargo operations for airlines like Lufthansa.

                                        Improve your total cost of ownership

                                        Lightweight containers made with composite panels and fabrics with Dyneema? are stronger and last longer than their aluminum equivalents, reduce fuel and carbon emissions significantly, and improve total cost of ownership.

                                        • Lower maintenance and repair costs over a longer lifetime
                                        • 30% lighter than traditional materials
                                        • Better resistance to rough handling and bad weather

                                        Where to buy

                                        Only air cargo containers made with Dyneema? bear the Dyneema? diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your air cargo containers with Dyneema? by clicking on one of our official partners, below.

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