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                                        Dyneema? in
                                        Cut Resistant Gloves
                                        Let’s Create the World’s Safest Hands

                                        Reliable cut protection, enhanced user comfort and dexterity

                                        Dyneema? has been the material of choice for cut resistant gloves for more than 20 years with its leading combination of reliable cut protection performance, enhanced user comfort and dexterity, and durability. DSM Dyneema is continuously committed to developing game-changing innovations to reduce cut injuries at work and helping the world’s leading work-glove manufacturers make the world’s safest gloves.

                                        Enhanced protection with Dyneema? Diamond Technology

                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology fiber is 40% lighter (less dense) than aramid fiber. And it offers 2 times improvement in cut resistance over standard Dyneema? fiber.

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                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology

                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology is the new standard for cut protection. It delivers the highest level of reliable cut protection in a fiber that is thinner and more comfortable to wear than any other yarn, without any glass, basalt or steel fiber reinforcements.

                                        High Cut Resistance With Dyneema? Diamond Technology

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                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology Meets Global Cut Protection Standards

                                        EN388 and ANSI standards are used globally to classify protective gloves according to resistance against mechanical risks. Learn more about how Dyneema? Diamond Technology delivers reliable cut protection according to the latest revisions in these standards.

                                        The most advanced cut protection technology that is reliable & certified safe

                                        Your safety starts with the right material choice for your protective gloves. At DSM Dyneema, we take great pride and care in innovating responsibly to continuously deliver the most advanced cut protection fiber technology that meets industry standards and ensures that our materials are safe for your use.

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                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology vs Aramid & Glass

                                        Dyneema? Diamond Technology has the leading combination of cut protection, comfort, value and durability. Learn about the benefits of gloves made with Dyneema? Diamond Technology compared to other products.

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                                        Comfortable protection lowers risks and costs

                                        Gloves made with Dyneema? achieve the same or better cut performance as comparable products - with considerably thinner fibers.

                                        • Outperform on cut resistance with improved comfort
                                        • Longer lasting and able to launder
                                        • Fiberglass-free improves comfort, reduces skin irritation
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                                        Hand safety. The facts hurt.

                                        70% of hand injuries would be avoided if workers wore protective gloves, industry safety experts say. Facts like these and ways to avoid hand injures can be read in our infographic on hand safety.

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                                        Why risk your hands - or your general health?

                                        Gloves based on Dyneema? Diamond Technology outperform gloves made with fiberglass in real-world situations. This is because it's the fiber itself that gives the gloves their enhanced cut protection, not a brittle, fiberglass add-in.

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                                        Zero Excuses not to wear protective gloves

                                        Hand injuries stop people earning and working - temporarily in most cases but permanenty in some. Yet the vast majority of workplace injuries can be prevented just by wearing the right protective gloves.

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                                        The Greenest Strength?

                                        How does choosing Dyneema? help the environment? Cut protection gloves made with Dyneema? require less material to achieve the same level of protection as aramid, steel or other materials, with double the service life. 

                                        • 2x service life
                                        • 40% less CO2
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                                        Where to buy

                                        Only cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema? carry the Dyneema? diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find cut-resistant gloves with Dyneema? by clicking the button below.

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