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                                        The Science Behind Dyneema?

                                        Meet our scientists

                                        Find out more about The Science Behind Dyneema?. Read our cases, dowload scientific articles about Dyneema? and contact our scientists.

                                        Our Scientific Cases

                                        Find out more about The Science Behind Dyneema?. Read our cases and dowload scientific articles about Dyneema?

                                        Strength Investigation of Synthetic Link Chains

                                        Breakthrough technologies always raise questions. In the case of synthetic link chains made with Dyneema?, the question is whether they really are as reliable as their steel equivalents. So DSM Dyneema ran some extra tests… 

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                                        Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology

                                        Despite being on the market for many years, the portfolio of Life Protection did not include an ‘anti-stab’ material yet. Discover how sharp thinking led to extra protection.

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                                        Dyneema/Carbon Composite

                                        Carbon fiber composites are used to make high performance road cars and Formula 1 racing cars Discover how Dyneema? can make the potential gains of carbon fiber even greater.

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                                        Thermal Behavior of UHMW-PE

                                        Recent years have seen a massive growth in the use of ropes made with Dyneema? to replace steel wire ropes. One by one, hurdles have been overcome, new standards set, and new applications made possible.

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                                        Black Dyneema?

                                        Dyneema? fiber has only ever been available in its natural color, white. Which is not an issue for many applications. Unless, that is, you manufacture protective gloves or operate a fish-farm. Or make car seatbelts, ballistic vests, fishing line or cycling shorts. In these cases and others, you probably want a black colored Dyneema?.

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