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                                        Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology

                                        A major advance in weight, comfort, and freedom of movement

                                        Dyneema? technologies are raising the protection benchmark. They are evolving life protection by meeting ballistic and anti-stab performance standards with significantly lighter, more comfortable, and more ergonomic solutions compared with aramids, ceramics, or other materials.

                                        A new generation of stab-resistant, knife-resistant vests

                                        Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology is a breakthrough innovation that delivers a major advance in the overall weight, comfort and freedom of movement offered by anti-stab vests. The result is maximum protection against attacks involving knives, broken glass and improvised knives and blades.

                                        • Create protective vests that are up to 25% lighter and thinner
                                        • Exceptional flexibility and comfort
                                        • Combine Dyneema? technologies for ultimate multi-threat protection

                                        Sharp thinking: Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology

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                                        Innovation in anti-stab protection has lagged for more than a decade.

                                        But no longer, thanks to Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology. Watch the video and experience this revolutionary technology. Get the facts, see how it performs compared to aramids, see why it is setting new standards in anti-stab protection.

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                                        Dyneema? Multi-threat level protection

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                                        Multi-threat protection

                                        Multi-threat protection body armor made with Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology and Dyneema? Soft Ballistics delivers next generation high performance stab and ballistic protection at a lighter weight, with unmatched flexibility and comfort that meets the current and future needs of law enforcement officers and military personnel engaged in urban operations.

                                        Dyneema? in anti-stab protection

                                        Discover how Dyneema? Anti Stab Technology is being used to create the ultimate stab-resistant vests.

                                        Get in touch with our Military & Law Enforcement experts

                                        Get advice on how Dyneema? could optimize your business.
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