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                                        DSM in Solar

                                        Let’s win the solar innovation race together

                                        At DSM Advanced Solar our materials technology is boosting solar performance worldwide through everything from Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling coatings for solar glass, to next-generation backsheets for solar modules. Our mission: to improve the Levelized cost of Energy – and make affordable, clean solar energy a reality for all.

                                        There is not one single technology that will drive solar. There are many. There is not one genius. There are hundreds (perhaps even thousands).

                                        So if you share our vision of making clean solar energy possible for all – and want to make it happen faster, contact us today.

                                        15 March 2019: DSM unveils landmark testing capabilities at new Dutch solar park. PRESS RELEASE >

                                        7 November 2018: Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of the solar industry. DSM gets in on the action by investing in data analytics company RAYCATCH. PRESS RELEASE >

                                        Same sun. More power.?

                                        25 May 2018 : NEW CONDUCTIVE BACKSHEETS PRESS RELEASE >
                                        25 May 2018 : NEW CONDUCTIVE BACKSHEETS PRESS RELEASE >

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