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                                        Anti-Soiling coatings for solar glass

                                        Boost the IRR of your PV solar project

                                        Our Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for solar module glass in dry, arid climates boosts power output and the Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) of your project by keeping your cover glass cleaner - while requiring less water, energy and labor to clean and maintain.

                                        Proven technology

                                        Module glass treated with our Anti-Soiling coating soils less quickly and is easier to clean. By reducing the soiling rate the modules can maintain their optimal performance for longer, while reducing the number of cleaning cycles, labor and consumables needed to clean solar installations.

                                        Our Anti-Soiling coating has the same anti-reflective properties as our industry-leading Anti-Reflective (AR) coating which is proven to deliver a power gain of 3% versus uncoated glass (in flash tests). The coating is applied at the glass producer, as with our AR coating.

                                        Putting solar coatings to the test

                                        Extensive testing conducted with leading suppliers of automated cleaning equipment has proven that modules with AS-coated glass remained stable after more than 1,000 cleaning cycles – which equals roughly 20 years of bi-weekly cleaning.

                                        In fact, following tests at the TüV SüD installation in Dunhuang in China, the coating delivered an overall power gain of 4% compared to non-coated modules (and a 1% improvement on our standard AR coating).

                                        The precise performance depends on the local environment and specific conditions. Which is why we’re now working with our development partners to build on this performance - and of course we are happy to discuss the unique benefits our AS coating could bring to your solar park.

                                        Financial benefit

                                        To help demonstrate the financial benefit of AS-coated glass we developed a calculation tool that models the optimum cleaning strategy for our customers’ commercial PV parks.

                                        Are you interested in testing our Anti-Soiling coating?
                                        Anti-Soiling coating calculator >

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